Red Wine Blues (Weekly Song 1 of 52)

I don’t think any of my friends will be surprised my first weekly song of 52 (one a week for a year) is about drinking wine! You could call me a “wine aficionado.” No one else would… But you could. I’d like that!

Actually I am a true wine enthusiast. Although I’m seldom confused with Robert Parker, I have been asked to entertain and host at many wine tastings. I’ll be posting new songs about drinking wine in upcoming months as soon as they’re finished and had time to age.

Being a wine lover, I was pretty embarrassed at one wine tasting when I kept knocking over glasses full of red wine. I spilled so much the floor looked like the shower scene from Bates Motel. I stained white pants, white carpets, white couches and a white poodle. (I think the dog looks better!) I vowed to only drink white wine and wrote this song about it. Pour yourself a glass of vino, hold on tight and give a listen.


5 thoughts on “Red Wine Blues (Weekly Song 1 of 52)

    • Thanks Pete!!! Yes, I like some of the rosés and enjoy trying the many different blends, especially the sparkling ones as the
      stains seem to come out more easily.

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