My Lawyer’s Got My Money (Song #2 of 52)
People are often curious about the songwriting process. They ask me, “Are your songs autobiographical Rog? Is this stuff true? And if so are you in therapy?”

I think for most songwriters and comedians, their writing is often a character sketch and not a literal view of their own life (Phew! I’m off the hook.) I think it’s also fair to say a songwriter’s best stuff is usually derived from something real, with real emotion behind it, something they relate to or feel strongly about at some level.

This week’s song is about lawyers. I have many attorneys in my family… which is why I am in therapy. (That’s an “inside joke.” Probably should have kept it inside.) In truth I am very proud of and greatly admire the amazing work my relatives do. Unfortunately not all lawyers are as integrous and hard working.

I got the inspiration for “My Lawyer’s Got My Money” from a friend who had a tough legal experience. Names have been omitted and details have been altered, twisted and maligned to protect the innocent. I hope you enjoy and have not had a similar experience. If you have… let me know. I love writing songs about lawyers!

For next week I’m working out a country song on guitar. I like to switch up styles a lot. My therapist says this is OK to do regardless of what my lawyer says.


4 thoughts on “My Lawyer’s Got My Money (Song #2 of 52)

  1. Hey Rog, maybe you could pay the lawyer with a bottle of “whittay.” Very clever songs; we’re looking forward to more.

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