Don’t Take My Picture (Song #3 of 52)

Although I’ve had the pleasure of playing with some first class country artists including singer/songwriter Tim Cifers and guitarist Scott Tucker, my music usually leans more towards rock, blues and jazz. So it’s been fun lately to hear country in some of my stuff. Maybe it’s from moving to the mountains of New Mexico where we look out the window and huge wild horses are sometimes staring back from two feet away. That brings out the country in you! It also keeps you regular. It has the same effect on me as if I were the one eating the hay.
Country music is great for bringing out the humor too. This week’s song has a touch of country and is based on a true story about a bad photographer whom I refer to as my “friend.” Here’s a little secret, it’s actually about my wife.
It’s ironic the way her photos turn out because Amy is an amazing painter, highly creative and generally brilliant. And I’m not just saying that because I’m afraid of being snuffed out with the pillow. She’d think of a more creative way than that. No, I feel comfortable revealing this because I figure no one, including Amy, will actually read the blog. But see what they’re missing?!! If the next song is never posted… YOU’ll know what happened!! Of course, the cops will never believe it was murder. They’ll take a look at my last few photos and say, “God he looked awful. He was obviously on his way out.”
I figured Halloween would be a good time to look though our old family photo albums. Everybody looks wonderful! Except ME. What the?! Oh well. After years of bad photo traumatization, writing this song has been therapeutic. Let me know if you’ve had a similar “bad photographer” experience!


9 thoughts on “Don’t Take My Picture (Song #3 of 52)

  1. I think this may have moved to the top of the list of my favorites of your songs! I have a secret for you..Your friend IS and EXPERT in photo shopping!!

    • You like it more than the Cary Blues! That is a compliment!! Thanks Bev. And I agree my friend is an expert when it comes to shopping. Just not sure about the photo part:)

  2. Actually, “Don’t Take My Picture (Until I Pose)” was first uttered by Mona Lisa but Leonardo didn’t listen. So, he painted the blank stare. She wasn’t amused. A lot of people don’t know that story.

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