Facebook (Song #5 of 52)

Some songs take fifteen minutes to write and some take fifteen years. “Facebook” is a song I started a few years ago and put the final touches on just this week.facebook button

When it comes to social media I’ve come a long way, though I’m still a bit of a Neanderthal compared to some of my whiz friends. I kinda know what I’m doing.
I no longer call it Spacebook or Myface! And I don’t talk about how I’m going to get LinkedUp! You can imagine the looks I used to get from my teen-aged kids. Now I’m hip. Whoops, can’t say hip anymore.

With the expansiveness of social media and the way things keep changing it can be hard keeping up. So I’m hoping maybe everyone … from nerds to Luddites … can relate in some way to this song.

If you are a low tech friend I’ll steer you … Click on “Follow” at the top right of this page to get the latest song each week!


5 thoughts on “Facebook (Song #5 of 52)

  1. 2000 Friends; as my friend Brian said Why would I want that many people prying into my life anyway ! lol The tune fits perfectly Rog

  2. Rog, I loved this one! Watching you play keyboards reminded me of one night when we went to your parents house and you played the baby grand for me. Funny how something that occurred so many years ago can become so present in the right context. I have some ideas about musical/artistic areas. I think you sent me your number, but if I don’t have it, I’ll pm you and we can talk about it.

  3. Rog, Fantastic work. As far as Facebook goes, i hate it! However, i peek in once in a while to see how my friends are doing.

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