The Turkey Song (Song #6 of 52)

Last week a couple of friends suggested I write a “turkey song” for Thanksgiving. I like challenges and even though I had a full week working on a commissioned song, I also wrote two giving thanks songs and one turkey song. I decided to go with the turkey song. And I think you’ll agree, it’s a real turkey!

I was just reading how Thanksgiving is the year’s biggest wine drinking day. I hear it’s also the day a friend or family member is most likely to give you the bird!  So in light of that I thought a silly song was called for.

This is one of those fifteen minute songs I mentioned last week, although I did spend a while tweaking and trying out different melodies. It may never get off the ground but I feel it has wings. Man I’m sick of turkeys (and turkey jokes) already and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

Don’t you be a turkey. Remember to click the FOLLOW button above and if you like this song … send it to family and friends.  It’d better than giving them the bird!        HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


8 thoughts on “The Turkey Song (Song #6 of 52)

  1. 1. Turkey is actually a healthy alternative to a big, fat steak. t’s the gravy and potatoes that need to get a bad rap. 2. We were going to invite you to sit at the main table tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner, but given your possible proclivity to relieve yourself on the centerpiece, you may be relegated to the picnic table in the backyard. 3. We loved “The Turkey Song” and hope you sing it for us for on Thanksgiving; please bring your guitar. Ok, we have 12 guitars, but they are probably missing strings. See you guyz tomorrow!

  2. As usual I loved your song; this time the Gobble Gobble Turkey song! We will surely miss you at our annual Thanksgiving gathering. You must have a special connection to an artist that keeps changing your background pictures!

    • Please give everyone there my love tomorrow Bev. We will miss you as well. Yes, I’m not bragging but I do have a special connection with the artist. She will abide by most any request I have. Although if she’s reads this post . . . maybe not tonight!

  3. Love the Turkey song! I also love the revolving art scene behind you! We miss you guys and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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