Oh Christmas Tree (Song #10 of 52)



Fishing (Song #9 of 52)

Someone once said, “There’s a thin line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”  Even when I’m holding a fishing pole, I’m still standing on the shore like an idiot.  No need to even string it because I’m not going to catch anything or reap any of the deeper rewards.

I’m aware of the meditative, stress reducing and sanity enhancing benefits of fishing. Yet none of that seems to work for me.  In the same way I could never say more than “bonjour” after ten years of French 101, I just can’t seem to “get” fishing.

This song is dedicated to my son, Ty, an accomplished fisherman who’s coming to visit tomorrow!

Give Up The Fight (Song #8 of 52)

It’s funny how often people show their expectation that if you’re a comedian, everything you do or say, on or off-stage, will be an attempt at humor. How obnoxious that would be. That would be like Gallagher going to the store and smashing watermelons. (OK, bad example, he does that!)

I like my songs mixed up (like yours truly!), a few dark ones in with the lighter stuff.  And as much as I love humor and the zanier the better, sometimes subtle humor or none at all is more suitable. This week’s song is about peace. Peace on a personal level, national level or however you want to view it. The lyrics are somewhat abstract. In fact, I don’t have a clue so please tell me what YOU think this song is about.

Speaking of variety and sharing, my friend Patty has suggested I start wearing different hats. I like that idea!  If you have a hat you’d like to share with my head send it on over. Stylish or otherwise, no hat will be deemed too ridiculous. (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that.)

Since I take the peace concept rather seriously, the humor in this week’s song is subdued. Very sub…  dude!


Cricket In My Room (Song #7 of 52)

My blog is free and I’m not trying to sell anything. I like it that way. I don’t expect to have an album of these songs until next year.  This week’s song however is part of a sing-a-long book and CD for kids and it can be purchased.

My wife Amy, who is an artist, did all the fun artwork in the Cricket book and video. So if you enjoy the video, the book and CD are available at  http://www.rogbates.com/page15/page15.html

(It makes a great Christmas present… !:)

“Cricket In My Room” was inspired by a loud cricket that hid in my child’s room and spooked her for what seemed like weeks to me and probably years to her. I don’t recall if the song actually helped her deal with the chirping as was my intention. “Cricket In My Room” has been popular with family and friends and won a top honor’s award in the Great American Song Contest!

By the way, the song’s ending is kind of sad and you may wonder, “Rog, did that really happen?”

Don’t even ask.