Give Up The Fight (Song #8 of 52)

It’s funny how often people show their expectation that if you’re a comedian, everything you do or say, on or off-stage, will be an attempt at humor. How obnoxious that would be. That would be like Gallagher going to the store and smashing watermelons. (OK, bad example, he does that!)

I like my songs mixed up (like yours truly!), a few dark ones in with the lighter stuff.  And as much as I love humor and the zanier the better, sometimes subtle humor or none at all is more suitable. This week’s song is about peace. Peace on a personal level, national level or however you want to view it. The lyrics are somewhat abstract. In fact, I don’t have a clue so please tell me what YOU think this song is about.

Speaking of variety and sharing, my friend Patty has suggested I start wearing different hats. I like that idea!  If you have a hat you’d like to share with my head send it on over. Stylish or otherwise, no hat will be deemed too ridiculous. (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that.)

Since I take the peace concept rather seriously, the humor in this week’s song is subdued. Very sub…  dude!



7 thoughts on “Give Up The Fight (Song #8 of 52)

  1. Roger, I am so grateful to Marion letting me know about your commitment to Song a Week. Now, I’m trying to find a hat to send you. Unfortunately, I can’t part with my subdudes one. Happy Holidays. Mark

  2. Great song and how appropriate as the world celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela. Our own president criticized for shaking the hand of a world dictator but yet in the words of Nelson Mandela “when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same”. Thanks Rog for sharing this wonderful song with all of us!

  3. This is Very well done Rog.
    Seriously… In every detail, right down to the ray of sunlight…
    Songs of our times resonate in hearts & minds and the twenty-teens could sure use a new Paul Simon… Ya think?
    Keep this up and discovery is imminent. Be ready and do enjoy!

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