Collector (Song #11 of 52)

My wife, Amy has been telling me for years, “You need to watch this show about hoarders, I think you could relate.” I finally watched. These are sick people! How she thinks I could possibly relate I don’t know. Nobody’s doing an intervention because of a messy desk. At least I’m pretty sure it’s a desk under there…  Anyway, I’m not in the same league. One woman’s teenage son was missing for three days. She said, “I think he’s asleep under this room full of magazines but I hate to check ‘cause they’re piled perfectly and I plan to read them today.” Actually, I could kind of relate to that one.

There is a big difference between a hoarder and a collector like me, as I clearly point out in the song. I admit there may be some gray area. But once I sell this stuff that will clean right up to it’s original color.


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