Point Of View (Song #12 of 52)

I’m often asked to guest musician at local spiritual centers like Center for Conscious Living and Unity and Unitarian Centers. With my experience as a stand-up comedian and motivational speaker I’ve also been asked a few times to give the Sunday talk when the Reverend or spiritual leader had to be out of town. After one talk someone called the next day and asked for “Reverend Bates.” I don’t think I stopped laughing for a week.

As guest musician, the “thing” I’m known for is writing a song on the spot reflecting the main points of their talk while they’re delivering the message. I have about fifteen minutes to create the lyrics, melody and chords.  As soon as they finish I get up and sing it. No time for a trial run, to make sure it’s in the right key, that harmony and melody work, etc.

Because it’s on the spot they don’t expect much… and I man I deliver.  Ha!  No, actually people really enjoy the spontaneity. They also love watching me pray, sweat and mumble, “Oh shit” on those occasions when I don’t have a complete song. Fairly often though the song turns into a keeper. That’s how “Point Of View” was written.


2 thoughts on “Point Of View (Song #12 of 52)

  1. Rog, about changing my point of view. I did a book titled Wired Hillsborough. I shot everything famous and such in our little town of Hillsborough from behind electric transformers, wires, poles and such pointing out how our town was really messed up from electric stuff. Then as the little photo book progresses I start seeing that some wires are really pretty. I progress to a Twilight Zone experience where I discover all that electricity does for us. Then I shoot everything I’d shot before changing my point of view and my focus and show everything without the wires etc. Kind of a neat visual lesson on how we see things. Your environment song reminded me of something I read. When Al Gore retired from public service he was worth a million dollars. Today he is worth a hundred million dollars. That might explain his burning desire to save the environment and his willingness to bend a fact or two.

    • Art, I know I don’t need to tell you not to believe everything you read… Especially if it’s written by ME. lol
      But it sounds to me like Al Gore was right on the money. Climatologists have been warning us for decades about our greenhouse effects and today the consensus among climatologists, as well as the apparent proof, is overwhelming. Of course, Rush Limbaugh claims it’s all a scam and that the scientists are just in it for the money. Everyone has their own point of view. Btw… I’ve always enjoyed YOUR books (and believed every word I read:) I’d love to see “Wired Hillsborough”!

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