Turn Down The Heat (Song #13 of 52)

This song is kind of a character sketch, about a global warming skeptic in the future who realizes changes have taken place and he wants to do something about it. I was inspired by my friend David House, who’s written a fascinating book explaining the politics and science behind global warming called, “Tending The Garden.”

As a stand-up comedian I usually stay away from political material.  I guess I just don’t feel comfortable making fun of people who are mentally challenged. (Couldn’t resist!) Also being political is a good way to turn off half your audience unless, like Jay Leno, you do plenty of jokes targeting both sides or like Bill Maher or Dennis Miller, you’re known and followed for your one-sided take on things. As a musician I feel a little looser about expressing opinions. So, if you have a topic you’d like to hear a song about…  lay it on me.


4 thoughts on “Turn Down The Heat (Song #13 of 52)

  1. A song about girls with horses? I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole. No wait… that didn’t come out right!! Actually, I did date a couple of ‘girls with horses’ many years ago who I am still good friends with, so I guess I have material to draw from. I just may pony up for this one Judy!

  2. I like this, Rog. Thanks! But we are wanting to turn UP the heat here! We are running out of sweaters!

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    • Ha! Yes, I’ve noticed how cool it’s been there Connie. MY timing is a little off. I’m now working on a song about turning UP the heat… but it probably won’t be ready until summer.
      Warm hugs to you and Don.

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