I Get Toasted Everyday (Song #18 of 52)

This song is dedicated to Don, Connie, Chris, Rey, Paul, Lynne, Bill and Penny who have each provided enough wine for me to reach my lifetime recommended dose of resveratrol!  I can’t thank you enough.

But why stop there?  Well, there are probably many reasons to stop there. But that was a rhetorical question.  So as I continue to enjoy wine daily for its ‘health benefits’… I toast friends and fellow wine lovers everywhere!

(The next song will be about the sexting texting Texan from Austin and the Budlight drinking luddite from Boston.)


I Am Unbroken — Song For Arionna (Song #17 of 52)

I’m a few days behind on posting because I was asked to write a special song.  Twelve year-old Arionna, had a life changing fall at school. She suffered traumatic brain injury and now has  epilepsy that requires constant monitoring. Her mom asked me to write an uplifting song for her using some of her words and thoughts, describing her situation.

I’ve custom written songs for events of all kinds, from corporate roasts to political occasions to private birthday and anniversary surprises. Done songs for governors, mayors and company CEO’s but this was one of the most meaningful for me. Arionna sounds like a remarkable young woman and I wish her all the best.

Btw… My next song (in the works) will be about a sexting, texting, Texan from Austin and a Budlight drinking luddite from Boston.

Too Much Love (Song #16 of 52)

This was a productive week. Had a couple of new comedy bits which I got to try right away at a Casino show. Also wrote several new songs, two of which were inspired by the Beatles and the 50th anniversary of their first US visit.  One song, a Beatles tribute song, is not ready for primetime. So I’m going with another called, “Too Much Love.”   It is for Valentine’s Day…  And every day.

Song For Pete Seeger (Song# 15 of 52)

Pete Seeger left us on Monday at the age of 94.  He led a pretty amazing life which I didn’t attempt to capture in my song. I just wanted to do a little tribute to him.  There is so much falsetto in this song I probably should have named it, “Crying For Pete Seeger” (lol).  But that’s what came out. I got home Tuesday from doing a show in Minnesota and decided Thursday to write this song. So… as I’m singing it I’m thinking, “Oh, is that how it goes!?”

It’s a serious song this week.  I’ve been doing some stand-up comedy shows recently and I guess I tend to write more serious songs when I’m doing comedy. Ironic. Maybe I don’t need the humor outlet as much when I’m performing. I’ll probably be back to a lighter song next week.

Thanks Pete for all your thoughts and music.