Song For Pete Seeger (Song# 15 of 52)

Pete Seeger left us on Monday at the age of 94.  He led a pretty amazing life which I didn’t attempt to capture in my song. I just wanted to do a little tribute to him.  There is so much falsetto in this song I probably should have named it, “Crying For Pete Seeger” (lol).  But that’s what came out. I got home Tuesday from doing a show in Minnesota and decided Thursday to write this song. So… as I’m singing it I’m thinking, “Oh, is that how it goes!?”

It’s a serious song this week.  I’ve been doing some stand-up comedy shows recently and I guess I tend to write more serious songs when I’m doing comedy. Ironic. Maybe I don’t need the humor outlet as much when I’m performing. I’ll probably be back to a lighter song next week.

Thanks Pete for all your thoughts and music.


7 thoughts on “Song For Pete Seeger (Song# 15 of 52)

  1. Rog, this has to be one of your very best. The choice of instrumental medium and the falsetto make it. It has heart, honesty and soul in it’s music and lyrics. Thank you from me and other fans of Pete Seeger.

  2. Bingeing on Rog Bates tonight. This song is one of my favorites. You have a really nice falsetto, especially for an old dude (had to take a shot so you’d know I was sincere). Very nice!

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