I Get Toasted Everyday (Song #18 of 52)

This song is dedicated to Don, Connie, Chris, Rey, Paul, Lynne, Bill and Penny who have each provided enough wine for me to reach my lifetime recommended dose of resveratrol!  I can’t thank you enough.

But why stop there?  Well, there are probably many reasons to stop there. But that was a rhetorical question.  So as I continue to enjoy wine daily for its ‘health benefits’… I toast friends and fellow wine lovers everywhere!

(The next song will be about the sexting texting Texan from Austin and the Budlight drinking luddite from Boston.)


2 thoughts on “I Get Toasted Everyday (Song #18 of 52)

  1. Toasted every day????!! Is that the best we could do for you??!! We wish you both were here to have a toast with us! We’ll toast you soon, this evening, after we hit Ashworth Village and the Art Gallery! Think of you often!

    Love, c

    Sent from my iPad


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