I Feel Your Spirit (Song #20 of 52)

I guess you could call this a “spiritual” song.

March 17th was the 19th anniversary of my Father-in law, Tuck’s passing. He was a great guy, kind, peaceful and intelligent, and I thought of him as I recorded this song. I’m not sure exactly whom the song was written for. I’ve thought of someone different each time I’ve gone though it, my parents, an aunt and a friend who recently died. I like feeling that connection to loved ones no longer here, so in that sense it’s been a magical little song for me.

I’m looking forward to singing this song more and not just for the spiritual connections. I think it has great growing power and it’ll be fun to see just how the melody and keyboard lines evolve.

On a lighter note, coming up shortly a song about having to wait too long at the doctor’s office.


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