I’m Losing Patience Doctor (Song #21 of 52)

As a comedian and motivational speaker, I often entertain nurses and doctors. I also help them use humor at work. True! Most nurses have a great sense of humor but doctors tend to use one lame joke over and over. (“Why is it hard to be a proctologist? Because you start at the bottom and you stay there.”)

So, I like nurses and doctors … a lot. I have a cousin who is the exemplary doctor. She was state Director of Health for fifteen years and has done so much for people. She’s a hero. Of course, another cousin is a doctor too but he was in trouble recently. Well, he was becoming romantically involved with his patients. Yeah, and it’s a shame too, because he is one of the top veterinarians on Cape Hatteras. Ha!  I’m kidding, he’s not …  one of the best.

I recently went in for a check-up. I was left waiting hours with no apology or explanation. I wasn’t feeling too warm and fuzzy about my doc and while I was waiting I wrote this song.


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