The Break


I am having fun and liking the challenge of posting a song a week! I definitely intend to do 52 songs.  I am just three short of half way, however I am booked with comedy and music shows and speaking engagements in North Carolina, Oklahoma and New Mexico and because I’m traveling, I’m forced to take a break for a few weeks.

I’ve had over 7000 views on my video clips! For a low tech guy who up until recently referred to social media as “Spacebook, MyFace and LinkedUp,”  I’m happy with that start.  Thanks for taking the time to check out the tunes!

Since most of these songs are rock, blues or country, many have suggested I record them with a band and that is my plan… next year. To stay light on my feet I plan to stay with the original idea of the minimal, grassroots, singer/songwriter approach.  I like all your ideas so…  Keep those cards and letters coming!

santa ana PICTURE


Prozac (Song #23 of 52)

I have no first hand experience with Prozac and I know it helps millions of people, so I’m not trying to disparage the drug. This song was inspired by a group of nurses I was giving a presentation to. They shared some interesting stories about people and patients they thought definitely should and should not be taking Prozac. I found the stories of the should-nots especially intriguing.  One well-known man, an artist whom they described as funny, creative and upbeat, had lost his spark and personality since using Prozac. They shared some interesting examples. My imagination took over. Suddenly a song appeared.   I have talks and shows coming up next month for several nurse and healthcare groups. I’m curious to share this “take” on Prozac with them.

Behind me is the view from our balcony. These amazing New Mexico sunsets are one reason I’ll never need Prozac!


Taste The Grape (Song #22 of 52)

Most entertainers have their niches and for the past few years one of my favorites has been providing comedy and music at wine tasting events. Along with entertaining, at several of the events I was asked to act as the wine connoisseur and lead the tasting. I stress the word “act.”  I probably deserve an Oscar.  But, what I lack in knowledge I make up for in enthusiasm.

It seems at almost every wine tasting there is someone who is dragged there by a friend or spouse. They’re uncomfortable and skeptical about all the wine terminology. I guess at times, there’s a little skeptic in all of us when we can’t taste what the wine guru is tasting. I remember one frustrated guy complaining, “I can’t even taste the grape.” I figure there was a song there.