Thinking Of You (Song #24 of 52)

Since today is my birthday, it seemed as good a time as any to resume posting songs!

Back in April I took a “quick break” from my song blog to do an assortment of shows that required travel. I had been having so much fun doing the song blog that I planned to “get right back to it.” It turned out I had even more fun NOT doing the song blog!

I am prolific if nothing else, so coming up with the songs was very doable. The problem was I was set on improving the video production quality with each new posting and it was becoming extremely time consuming. Plus the friends who helped me with some of the early videos were not always there to assist.

So here I am months later, embarrassed but excited to get back to posting songs because I’ve decided to scale back on the video production quality. I mentioned this to a friend who said, “Scale back on production quality? I don’t think that’s possible Rog.”    It’s really good to have supportive friends 🙂

My song blog was always meant to be an “organic, solo, singer/songwriter” type of project, so in the spirit of that… I’m back!