It (Song 26 of 52)

This is the half way mark in my fifty-two song blog and it’s been a year since I began. This means I’m posting at half the output I had originally planned on. But even my accountant keeps telling me, “Rog, no one’s counting. Hell, no one’s even watching.” I really appreciate his support.

Actually I am really backed up with new songs. Of course, there are worse ways to be backed up… so I’m not complaining. I am looking forward to making the time to record and post them!

This week’s song is “It.” In stand-up comedy the word “it” is effective in creating set-ups because of its ambiguity. The word also makes for easy double entendres where the hidden meaning is often sexual. Although I no doubt got the idea from comedy, this is not what I’m going for in this song. My accountant says, “It’s hard to believe!” But hey, I’m just thinking about love.


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