Welcome to “Song a Week by Rog Bates.” I intend to post a crazy, original song once a week for the next year. Unless I am on vacation, or it’s really windy, or I don’t feel like it… Just kidding. I don’t care if it’s windy. No. Wait! No excuses. I will post a song a week and I hope you enjoy many listens.

I have dedicated my life to music and also toured as a stand up comedian. My niche is writing serious music with humorous lyrics.

Most of my posts will be done live in my studio. (Okay, it’s my living room, but I love the acoustics.) I’ll keep you up on what’s coming up and going down. I’m currently writing about Facebook, class reunions, drinking, love, photographers, doctors, lawyers, and whatever ideas YOU give me. Tell me what topic is on your mind, and I might write a song about it… Unless it’s really windy.

I will strive for high quality in a variety of styles, combining elements of rock, blues, jazz, country and of course Pandza, Jit and Juju… (I promise the songs will be funnier than this. I’ve set the bar so low I stubbed my toe.)

If you hear a song you like, please share it with your friends. If you hear a song that depresses you, please share it with Dr Phil. And don’t forget to say hey.


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