Song For Jay (#29 of 52)

My song postings have been on pause for a few months due to a busy schedule. But life just seemed to stop a week ago Friday when my long time friend Jay Higgins passed away. It’s such a helpless feeling, watching a dear friend slip away. I wrote this song for Jay because there was little else I could do.

His wake was attended by more than 850 people, a true testament to the kind, caring, remarkable person he was. Jay meant so much to so many. This song was played at Jay’s wake and I decided to post it here as a tribute and remembrance to him. I added the few photos I had on hand.


Robin Williams Song (#28 of 52)

As a stand-up comedian I’ve always admired the speed and mental agility of Robin Williams, especially as I get older and perhaps less agile.  Yeh… perhaps 🙂

Along with his quick mind and wit, I also admired his strong sense of compassion which came through in his comedy material and delivery. His combination of skills made for a great actor as well as comedian.

This song is my small tribute to a man often described as “bigger than life.”

Fireman Dan (Song #27 of 52)

Here’s a song for your children or grandchildren. You may be wondering, “Rog, why would you write a kid’s song about fire engines?” I’d love to have a huge following with the 5 and under age group. These people are young and hip, not old with broken hips like my age group. They can listen to music without having to turn up their hearing aids.

Actually, Fireman Dan is a song I wrote a few years back when my kids were in grade school. We used to sing it around the house and when I played it they’d dance to it. I guess you could say it was a local hit. It’s a really fun song to sing, or sing along to!

It’s also fun to dance to!   Just be careful of those hips.


It (Song 26 of 52)

This is the half way mark in my fifty-two song blog and it’s been a year since I began. This means I’m posting at half the output I had originally planned on. But even my accountant keeps telling me, “Rog, no one’s counting. Hell, no one’s even watching.” I really appreciate his support.

Actually I am really backed up with new songs. Of course, there are worse ways to be backed up… so I’m not complaining. I am looking forward to making the time to record and post them!

This week’s song is “It.” In stand-up comedy the word “it” is effective in creating set-ups because of its ambiguity. The word also makes for easy double entendres where the hidden meaning is often sexual. Although I no doubt got the idea from comedy, this is not what I’m going for in this song. My accountant says, “It’s hard to believe!” But hey, I’m just thinking about love.

Hold Me Like A Hostage (Song #25 of 52)

First off, this song title is no reflection of my years at Barrington High School (lol) and I was sorry I was unable to attend my class reunion this past weekend. To my fellow classmates, let’s keep good buddy, Jay Higgins, in our thoughts for a speedy recovery.

I realize this blog is looking more like a monthly than a weekly. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I do plan to resume the weekly song posts soon. (Wow, there’s an old saying… Even Abe Lincoln would be thinking, “I don’t know what a broken record is but it sounds way before my time. When the hell did you attend high school Bates!?!”)

This song is the result of a collaboration with the very notable North Carolina songwriter Dean Caputo. “Hostage” has gone through several rendition, genres, time zones, etc but it is one of my favorite songs to sing! I hope you enjoy.

Thinking Of You (Song #24 of 52)

Since today is my birthday, it seemed as good a time as any to resume posting songs!

Back in April I took a “quick break” from my song blog to do an assortment of shows that required travel. I had been having so much fun doing the song blog that I planned to “get right back to it.” It turned out I had even more fun NOT doing the song blog!

I am prolific if nothing else, so coming up with the songs was very doable. The problem was I was set on improving the video production quality with each new posting and it was becoming extremely time consuming. Plus the friends who helped me with some of the early videos were not always there to assist.

So here I am months later, embarrassed but excited to get back to posting songs because I’ve decided to scale back on the video production quality. I mentioned this to a friend who said, “Scale back on production quality? I don’t think that’s possible Rog.”    It’s really good to have supportive friends 🙂

My song blog was always meant to be an “organic, solo, singer/songwriter” type of project, so in the spirit of that… I’m back!

The Break


I am having fun and liking the challenge of posting a song a week! I definitely intend to do 52 songs.  I am just three short of half way, however I am booked with comedy and music shows and speaking engagements in North Carolina, Oklahoma and New Mexico and because I’m traveling, I’m forced to take a break for a few weeks.

I’ve had over 7000 views on my video clips! For a low tech guy who up until recently referred to social media as “Spacebook, MyFace and LinkedUp,”  I’m happy with that start.  Thanks for taking the time to check out the tunes!

Since most of these songs are rock, blues or country, many have suggested I record them with a band and that is my plan… next year. To stay light on my feet I plan to stay with the original idea of the minimal, grassroots, singer/songwriter approach.  I like all your ideas so…  Keep those cards and letters coming!

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