Prozac (Song #23 of 52)

I have no first hand experience with Prozac and I know it helps millions of people, so I’m not trying to disparage the drug. This song was inspired by a group of nurses I was giving a presentation to. They shared some interesting stories about people and patients they thought definitely should and should not be taking Prozac. I found the stories of the should-nots especially intriguing.  One well-known man, an artist whom they described as funny, creative and upbeat, had lost his spark and personality since using Prozac. They shared some interesting examples. My imagination took over. Suddenly a song appeared.   I have talks and shows coming up next month for several nurse and healthcare groups. I’m curious to share this “take” on Prozac with them.

Behind me is the view from our balcony. These amazing New Mexico sunsets are one reason I’ll never need Prozac!



Taste The Grape (Song #22 of 52)

Most entertainers have their niches and for the past few years one of my favorites has been providing comedy and music at wine tasting events. Along with entertaining, at several of the events I was asked to act as the wine connoisseur and lead the tasting. I stress the word “act.”  I probably deserve an Oscar.  But, what I lack in knowledge I make up for in enthusiasm.

It seems at almost every wine tasting there is someone who is dragged there by a friend or spouse. They’re uncomfortable and skeptical about all the wine terminology. I guess at times, there’s a little skeptic in all of us when we can’t taste what the wine guru is tasting. I remember one frustrated guy complaining, “I can’t even taste the grape.” I figure there was a song there.

I’m Losing Patience Doctor (Song #21 of 52)

As a comedian and motivational speaker, I often entertain nurses and doctors. I also help them use humor at work. True! Most nurses have a great sense of humor but doctors tend to use one lame joke over and over. (“Why is it hard to be a proctologist? Because you start at the bottom and you stay there.”)

So, I like nurses and doctors … a lot. I have a cousin who is the exemplary doctor. She was state Director of Health for fifteen years and has done so much for people. She’s a hero. Of course, another cousin is a doctor too but he was in trouble recently. Well, he was becoming romantically involved with his patients. Yeah, and it’s a shame too, because he is one of the top veterinarians on Cape Hatteras. Ha!  I’m kidding, he’s not …  one of the best.

I recently went in for a check-up. I was left waiting hours with no apology or explanation. I wasn’t feeling too warm and fuzzy about my doc and while I was waiting I wrote this song.

I Feel Your Spirit (Song #20 of 52)

I guess you could call this a “spiritual” song.

March 17th was the 19th anniversary of my Father-in law, Tuck’s passing. He was a great guy, kind, peaceful and intelligent, and I thought of him as I recorded this song. I’m not sure exactly whom the song was written for. I’ve thought of someone different each time I’ve gone though it, my parents, an aunt and a friend who recently died. I like feeling that connection to loved ones no longer here, so in that sense it’s been a magical little song for me.

I’m looking forward to singing this song more and not just for the spiritual connections. I think it has great growing power and it’ll be fun to see just how the melody and keyboard lines evolve.

On a lighter note, coming up shortly a song about having to wait too long at the doctor’s office.

Sexting Texting Texan (Song #19 of 52)

I grew up in New England and I’m a big Red Sox fan. So this song is in no way meant to disparage Bostonians.  It is a character sketch and the character just happens to be from Boston because … it rhymes with Austin.

I like doing weird character songs like this.  I think this song comes from my feelings of tech inadequacy. Compared to my children and younger friends I’m a Luddite. Take sexting for example. It’s hard to relate to sexting. It wasn’t long ago if you wanted to be seen naked your only option was to walk around naked and hope the right person saw you. Streaking was popular in my “hay day” but highly unsatisfying. Nobody really cared. It was short lived. And when you got arrested your parents would have to bail you out. Oh, don’t get me started.  And back then, if you gave your girlfriend a camera and said, “Send me a naked photo,” you’d end up with no girlfriend, a slapped face and a broken Brownie.  That was the camera Kodak made.

Hmmm.  I think it’s time to get on board with the new advances in technology!!!

I Get Toasted Everyday (Song #18 of 52)

This song is dedicated to Don, Connie, Chris, Rey, Paul, Lynne, Bill and Penny who have each provided enough wine for me to reach my lifetime recommended dose of resveratrol!  I can’t thank you enough.

But why stop there?  Well, there are probably many reasons to stop there. But that was a rhetorical question.  So as I continue to enjoy wine daily for its ‘health benefits’… I toast friends and fellow wine lovers everywhere!

(The next song will be about the sexting texting Texan from Austin and the Budlight drinking luddite from Boston.)

I Am Unbroken — Song For Arionna (Song #17 of 52)

I’m a few days behind on posting because I was asked to write a special song.  Twelve year-old Arionna, had a life changing fall at school. She suffered traumatic brain injury and now has  epilepsy that requires constant monitoring. Her mom asked me to write an uplifting song for her using some of her words and thoughts, describing her situation.

I’ve custom written songs for events of all kinds, from corporate roasts to political occasions to private birthday and anniversary surprises. Done songs for governors, mayors and company CEO’s but this was one of the most meaningful for me. Arionna sounds like a remarkable young woman and I wish her all the best.

Btw… My next song (in the works) will be about a sexting, texting, Texan from Austin and a Budlight drinking luddite from Boston.